ART  SAVES THE WORLD INTERVIEW ARTIST PRIMAVERA DE FILIPPI                For each work of art that becomes physical there are many variations that do not.” Plantoid: the blockchain-based lifeform that reproduces itself, art piece that is able to reproduce itself on its own,    “There will always be a connection between humans and the […]


Albert Pinya Spanish Artist : The Time in Now

ALBERT PINYA. THE TIME IS NOW Do you know Albert Pinya? Please, pay attention and don’t forget this name. He’s one of the most recognized members of the new generation of Spanish painters born in the ’80. His work is above all characterized by a constant review and a continuous questioning of moral and human […]


PRNCPL -The Shazam for the Art World ?

 Apps & Platforms impacting the art economy AN APP AS A SERVICE TO COLLECTORS AND GALLERIES WITH PRNCPL Moenen Erbuer, Tobias Boonstoppel  founders :PRNCPL Ben Sledsens, Cawing Crows, (2017). Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp. Art Düsseldorf partners with PRNCPL to launch new mobile app. PRNCPL, a new technology platform for art fairs owned by MCH […]


Art Expedition Tour Romania Transylvania SBÎRCIU ION 

Contemporary Art : SBÎRCIU ION     Abstract Art perception and the brain web info: www.uad.ro/profesori/pictura/ioan_sbarciu/index.htm Interview     : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBpj9erfl9A https://www.macluj.ro/ioan-sbarciu-markus-lupertz-ramona-raus.html http://www.uad.ro/profesori/pictura/ioan_sbarciu/index.ht   Abstract Expressionist     EVB: Etienne Verbist I SBÎRCIU ION EVB Who are you and what do you do? SBîRCIU ION Former rector of the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, IOAN SBîRCIU, […]