Myths, Human Nature, and Why Painting Matters

The young British artist explains the key concerns of his current show, “Rape of Europe.” The young British artist Hugo Wilson is currently exhibiting his second solo show at the London gallery Parafin, provocatively titled “Rape of Europe.” Yet, the exhibition is not a straightforward exploration of the contemporary malaise that is currently engulfing both […]


On This Day in Art History: Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear

More than 125 years after the death of one of the most famous and beloved artists of all time—Vincent Van Gogh—interest and debate about the tortured genius has never been more intense. The past few months alone have seen several books, articles, museum exhibitions, and talks delving further into Van Gogh’s life in an attempt […]



Check out our curated Weekly Roundup of the breaking news and must-read thought leadership pieces on the crowd economy spotted by the Crowdsourcing Week team. HOW CROWDSOURCING IS SHAPING AVIATION INDUSTRIES Aviation industries such as Airbus, AirAsia, Wi-Fly and Miflight are using crowdsouring to affect decision-making and improve the passanger experience. Read more here. Company commitment to consumer […]