PRNCPL -The Shazam for the Art World ?

 Apps & Platforms impacting the art economy AN APP AS A SERVICE TO COLLECTORS AND GALLERIES WITH PRNCPL Moenen Erbuer, Tobias Boonstoppel  founders :PRNCPL Ben Sledsens, Cawing Crows, (2017). Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp. Art Düsseldorf partners with PRNCPL to launch new mobile app. PRNCPL, a new technology platform for art fairs owned by MCH […]


The New Art Economy
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Marcelo Garcia Casil: “We are a start-up company looking to disrupt the art finance industry. Our online platform removes intermediaries like auction houses and art dealers by creating an open and fair marketplace where investors can reach out to art owners directly in a secure and reliable way.” Etienne Verbist on behalf of Artdependence Magazine […]